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Move it or lose it.

A healthy body in motion pumps lymph fluid toward lymph nodes where toxins are broken down and removed. Your lymphatic system functions naturally with physical movement. But when this crucial immunity system is compromised – or when you just need a boost – massage with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a proven solution.

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Health and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Do you offer nutrition or fitness programs, energy healing, bodywork, art therapy, or something else to help other people live better, longer, happier, healthier lives? If you have something you're ready to set loose on the waiting world, start here.

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Are you a passionate author, artist, coach, trainer, or course creator in need of content? As an idea generator, I give your subject matter wings to soar. I have fourteen years as a copywriter and marketer, helping health and wellness pros refine their work, and connect with their audiences. I follow the marketing experts and apply their tactics in ways that make sense for my clients. 

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A Copywriting Tutorial for Wellness Practitioners and Bodyworkers

Copywriting is a skill that will always serve you, whether you write copy for others, or focus on selling your own health-related products or services. These persuasion skills even come in handy when communicating with your boss, your kids, your spouse, or team. Join me in this short course and learn how to use words that trigger action!


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