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marketing writing Jan 18, 2019

“Keep up the great work, Jen! If anyone needs a #copywriter THIS is your gal!”

~a tweet by Sandi Krakowski, my copywriting mentor

"Oh my gosh... I just received the revisions of my wimpy video scripts. I didn't realize they were that wimpy until I read what Jen McGahan did to tweak them. Answer to my prayers, not even kidding. SO GOOD, I want to attend my own workshop! Thank you, Jen! Can't wait to get the revised and NEW emails. Sleeping well tonight... ahhhh."

~Jami Amidon

"The virtual event was  HUGE success!! I had a goal of 5000 registrations, and we were 100 people short of 6000!! :D"

~Rosane Oliveira


"Your questions and suggestions have delightfully and insightfully stirred the pot of our offering, and the words, pieces, and structure are becoming clearer since talking with you."

~Carol Stotts

"Allow me to say THANK YOU! What a brilliant mind you have - I love it !!!!! You have presented the total perspective of the concept and I love what you have come up with. Asking you was the smartest thing I could have done."

~Nobby Kleinman

"OH MY GOSH I am loving this. Okay, this is pretty spot on. I want to sit with it, and there are a couple of things I know I need to change (very little), but I think you nailed it. WOO HOO!"

~Lisa Rehurek

"Jen makes it a breeze to articulate what you REALLY want to say. She is a master at taking the marbles out of your mouth and making things flow smoothly so all can understand and more importantly be engaged in what you have to say, share and sell."

~Amy Cole, Amy ColeConnects

"Jen’s my go-to copywriter because her quick insights into your business and customer allow you to see opportunities for growth. On one project, Jen increased our email list size from 1100 to 11 thousand in less than one year. On another project, a sales page she wrote attracted an affiliate with a list size of over one million. (He partnered with us, product unseen!) Jen’s a phenomenal writer and marketer because she understands people and why they buy; and produces the words that get action."

~Sam Maropis

"Oh. My. Goodness. You have SO captured what I do! Thank you."

~Becky Mauldin, ND

"Thanks for the flexibility.  I love having you on the team."

~Leslie Hasler,

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