Clients say the coolest things.

marketing writing Jan 18, 2019

“Keep up the great work, Jen! If anyone needs a #copywriter THIS is your gal!”

~a tweet by Sandi Krakowski, my copywriting mentor

"Oh my gosh... I just received the revisions of my wimpy video scripts. I didn't realize they were that wimpy until I read what Jen McGahan did to tweak them. Answer to my prayers, not even kidding. SO GOOD, I want to attend my own workshop! Thank you, Jen! Can't wait to get the revised and NEW emails. Sleeping well tonight... ahhhh."

~Jami Amidon

"The virtual event was  HUGE success!! I had a goal of 5000 registrations, and we were 100 people short of 6000!! :D"

~Rosane Oliveira


"Your questions and suggestions have delightfully and insightfully stirred the pot of our offering, and the words, pieces, and structure are becoming clearer since talking with you."

~Carol Stotts

"Allow me to say THANK YOU! What a brilliant mind you have - I love it !!!!! You have presented the total perspective of the concept and I love what you...

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