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Is cosmetic surgery in your future?

MLD prepares the body and the lymphatic system for surgery. Because one of the primary functions of the lymph system is to circulate immune cells, MLD encourages the body's main defense against pathogens.

Post-surgery, MLD is also beneficial to the healing process because it helps the tissues heal faster; reduces swelling and bruising near the surgery site; aids in healing incisions and scarring; and softens hard, lumpy areas and scar tissue.

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Move it or Lose it.

A healthy body in motion pumps lymph fluid toward lymph nodes where toxins are broken down and removed. Your lymphatic system functions naturally with physical movement. But when this crucial immunity system is compromised – or when you just need a boost – massage with manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a proven solution.

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Hi, I'm Jen McGahan.

LMT #133242, CMLDT #77442CA

Boosting the body's natural immunity became an obsession when I first discovered essential oils and started down the path of natural health and wellness. Today, I enjoy sharing the profound therapeutic effects of massage and aromatherapy with others. I currently practice in Austin, TX around Bee Cave, Spicewood, and Lakeway. I'm also employed at Serasana Day Spa in Bee Cave.

As a licensed massage therapist, my favorite modalities are the Raindrop Technique using essential oils, and manual lymphatic drainage. 

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