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Get people to take action.

Write cash-generating web pages.

Sell your own products and courses.

Or make money helping others do the same.

It's (almost) as easy as speaking.


Anyone Can Be a Copywriting Wizard.

You just need to know writing techniques that get people to respond. Since you're human, you have human persuasion skills already built-in. All you have to do is get them on the page. Want to know how?

The reader is the hero of the story.

You know those people who gain hundreds of followers every day, and make it look easy? What do they know that you don't?

The difference between them and you is how you communicate.

Copywriting isn't hard, and it's not a "secret."

Everyone is a writer. I'll show you how to turn your natural persuasion skills into copy that converts.

Don't believe me? Here's an example. When was the last time you persuaded a friend to join you in a new activity, say rock climbing, or to check out a buzz-worthy local band, or volunteer for a cause that's near and dear to your heart; or come with you on a road trip?

What tactics did you use to convince her?

[Newsflash! I'll bet you used the same tactics a copywriter employs every day.]

Whether you knew you knew it or not, I'd guess...

  • You made it sound fun.
  • You presented something positive she'd get out of it.
  • You called in a favor. (After all, you did it her way last time.)
  • You promised to do what she wanted to do next time.
  • You made a guarantee that she'd enjoy herself.
  • You threw in something extra (eg. you offered to buy dinner.)
  • You gave her some space to decide for herself.
  • You mentioned that people she respects would be there.
  • You showed her how it would be "good" for her.


This stuff is ingrained in all human beings because we are social animals... Our survival depends on it. The core of copywriting is using your intuition about human nature and knowing what makes people vibe.

Don't hire a copywriter before trying these tips yourself!

I break it down for you. Here's a taste of what you'll get.

Speak to one person

Picture her in your mind's eye. When you know what's going on in her world, her inner heart, her career, her home, even her car... you can craft words that connect with her.


Learn how to bridge the "pain gap" with descriptive words. You must show the difference between where she is now and where she could be if she chooses your product. Understanding how to do this is is crucial to making a persuasive connection.

The word "Because"

This conjunctive word triggers action. It's uncanny the results you get when you use this one simple word! I'll share the classic case study that proves it.

Here are the 21 tips that actually work.

Don't spend hundreds of dollars and dozens of hours taking a copywriting course. Watch these 21 short videos and learn the basics.. Each video is one minute long -- that's it! You'll get the main idea so you can run with it. Then, at your leisure, take a deeper dive and consume the rest the content. I've included articles and extra videos from my archives as a professional copywriter.

This short course breaks it down for you. You get

  • The technique.

  • Why it works –– the psychology behind each tip. 

  • Examples of each technique in action. 

  • 21 short videos with written explanations and other supporting documents.

  • Articles about copywriting to supplement the video tips.

  • BONUS CONTENT including a slide deck on creating an Irresistible Offer; a list of the best Product Launch Tools for launching your products; the ebook Seven Steps to Get Better Freelancing Gigs; my Buyer Persona Worksheet for understanding your customers; and the Five Most Powerful Words one-pager.

  • Online access. Just log in anytime to access your content.

The only copywriting course you'll ever need, for just $37.

Write better landing pages today.

Words that "work" are words that sell.

But you need to choose your words wisely long before the sale. This course guides you through the process so you can craft appropriate copy for every stop along the customer's journey.

Convert Interest Into Engagement.

Watch your website and social media posts heat up with clicks and likes. 

Then Convert Engagement Into Sales.

Touch people with the right words and they'll reach for their wallets.

Passion is everything.

Most small business folks and entrepreneurs already have passion in spades. What more is needed? After genuine enthusiasm, the most effective copy includes most of these 21 simple points. Try them. Practice them. After 15 years writing copy, I can assure you ...after your passion, this short course in copywriting is everything you'll need to get started.

Included in the course: 5 exclusive bonuses

Get these free bonus products when you you purchase the course today!


Product Launch Tools to Love

Are you ready to get your "Passion Product" out there? When you're ready to launch, don't waste a second sifting through all the product launch tools out there. I'm giving you my shortlist of the best tools to fast-track your launch. I've tested and tried dozens through the years. These are the easiest to use – and the best value for the money. 


Seven Steps to Get Better Freelancing Gigs

After learning copywriting, you may want to offer your services as a copywriter. Freelancing is a great way to make money with a flexible, "work-anywhere" lifestyle you need these days. With hundreds of clients and years of freelance writing, I've plenty of success stories to share, and I'll save you the headaches! This ebook is all about happy freelancing. 


The "Irresistible Offer" Deck

To build an email list, it helps to offer something sweet for free. This is my strategy for helping my clients attract huge numbers of engaged prospects to their list. You can get the book on Amazon, or simply read the main points in this deck.


Buyer Persona Worksheet

The key to copywriting that converts is complete understanding and empathy for your customer. This worksheet walks you through ALL the questions you need to answer about your buyer.


The Five Most Powerful Words

The indispensable one-pager for easy reference.

Hundreds of Happy Clients

Why should you take my copywriting short course? Because I believe in your ability to make money writing copy, just like I have. My name is Jen McGahan. I've been quietly writing copy for entrepreneurs and online marketers since 2006! (Not the dawn of the Internet, but close!) Here's what people say about working with me.

100% Guaranteed

If the course doesn't meet your highest expectations to improve your writing, I'll refund your money.

It's simple. Take a week to review the first 5 lessons of the Words That Work copywriting course, including all the videos and the bonuses. If you feel I haven't so far given you the value I promised, I'll return your funds. No questions asked. 


Monetize your online presence, get people flocking to your shop, sell out your event, or get customers to brag to their friends about your product. It all begins with great copy. Time to put your dream into action.


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